NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
CrosstableA simple web-app for tournament-crosstables, for example in chess round tournament (each vs each). Oshgnacknak2018-12-16 11:47
LobbyPluginOSHs LobbyPlugin Oshgnacknak2018-10-16 20:42
PexTabChatA Bukkit-Plugin based around the PermissionEx-Api. The core features are a colored tablist and a chatformat. Oshgnacknak2018-07-19 18:55
SMTLDie Stadtmeistersteilerliste und das Anmeldeformular - SK Langen e.V. Oshgnacknak2020-03-07 18:16
WheelOfPornThe Wheel of Porn from Family Guy (Season 13 Episode 9) programmed in react. Oshgnacknak2020-08-26 18:21
create_ponder_wonderExports Create ponders to disk. Oshgnacknak2021-04-16 16:44
dwmOSHs dwm build Oshgnacknak2019-09-25 13:33
fop-marcosCollection of macros to to help during the FOP exam. Oshgnacknak2021-03-28 15:36
java-consThis small, one interface project is a try to reimplement the mechanics used in Rackets cons cells in Java. Oshgnacknak2021-01-14 23:38
osh.hMy personal stdc++ replacement Oshgnacknak2022-03-07 13:23
oshgitShell scripts based on stagit to manage OSHs git repositories. Oshgnacknak2020-10-25 14:14
retypeOSHs try to make xdotool Oshgnacknak2018-11-04 11:24
slstatusOSHs slstatus build Oshgnacknak2019-09-25 13:37
stOSHs st build Oshgnacknak2020-10-09 11:42
youtube-dlAnother place where youtube-dl lives on Oshgnacknak2021-12-16 18:49